When will Fedora 39 be released? Is it ready to release or may it be delayed or postponed?

I am very exciting about federal 39 and I want to ask that when will Fedora 39 stable release will be in the way because today is the scheduled date which is October 17 2023 I want to ask that ora will release today or it’s date is in postponed to another date.

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Current target is Oct, 24th November 7th. See Fedora Linux 39 Schedule: Key

As long as there are releasing blocking bugs, it won’t be released, see Fedora 39 Final Blocker Bugs


That being said, you can use Fedora 39 (beta) today. Make sure you are not affected by the blocker bugs, or that there is a fix for them in updates-testing. You should probably enable that until the release (then disable, and possibly distro-sync) to get all the fixes for the latest vulnerabilities.

… and if this sounds like gibberish to you: Fedora 38 still works well and is getting the latest fixes without you needing to do anything special (just update as usual) :slight_smile:


Thankyou very much .

A little update: we’re having the go / no-go meeting for this week in about 40 minutes. It usually takes a while to go through the current situation and make a call. We’ll have an update later today.

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