Fedora 38 slows down to a pulp on my Lenovo P1 G3 Laptop

Hi Team,

I’m working Remote (RedHat) on my Fedora 38 Laptop. For like forever after opening couple of chrome Tasks, running thunderbird for my mail and maybe a Video Conference my Fedora really slows down like hell, in the way working is no fun anymore. Unlike some of my co-workers I won’t switch to a MAC because I’m a linuxer with all may heart and a real Open Source enthusiast. I tried a lot. Also my my laptop is not showing much activity with commands like “htop/top” or **sudo ps -aux during the work. I have been experienced that now for a long time, also with my predecessor laptop on Fedora 26-32 and I’m really have no clue anymore how the solve that. My Hardware is really new with an Intel(R) Core™ i7-10850H CPU @ 2.70GHz CPU (12 Cores) + 32GB RAM.

When one is working graphically thru a remote connection the network may become overloaded and slow down all communications.

You have said that this has persisted for some time, and one should know that streaming video requires a larger communication pipeline from the internet. Please tell us the bandwidth of your internet connection that seems to be slowing things down.

I found that streaming even one youtube video required at least a 50 MB/sec connection and more does also require more.


no with remote did I mean I have a Remote Contract, I#m working from home but not via a Remote Connection. I use the laptop quite normally, mostly Chrome and Thnderbird and Google Meet or Blue Jeans for Video conferencing. Sry for the confusion. My Interconnection is per contract 100Mbit/s, in real roughly 90 - 95Mbit/s

One would need to first do a full upgrade so the system is fully up to date and any bugs that have already been fixed are no longer a concern.
sudo dnf upgrade --refresh

Then please post the output of inxi -Fzxx so we may see the configuration.

Finally, please explain in a little more detail what is meant by ‘slow down’

What checks have you done?

  • is GPU acceleration enabled?
  • what is the ram usage when it happens?
  • is your CPU throttled? Check what actual mhz it is running at?