Fedora 38 slow performance

Hi everyone, i’m new to linux. I’m suffering from slow performance of fedora 38 compared with windows 10 that i was using before. I’ve laptop with intel 3210M CPU 2.5 GHZ up to 3.10 GHZ two core and 4 threads, in addition to 8 GB of ram 1600 MHZ , 1 GB amd graphics card.
I wanna know whats slows it down. Google chrome takes 1 minute to startup and every app that i run takes nearly 1 minute or more to appear on the screen .

You can check if any processes or applications are consuming a significant amount of system resources such as CPU, memory, or disk usage. To do this, open Gnome terminal and run top command in the terminal to see the resource usage in real-time.

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Fedora has many tools to help monitor system resource usage, but in order to help you need to provide enough details to allow others to reproduce the issue. You also need to make sure your system is fully updated, including the vendors BIOS and firmware (some systems can use fwupd to install vendor updates). This is important to ensure that people trying to help can have the same software versions.

Please post the hardware inventory obtained by running inxi -Fzx in a terminal and pasting the output as text using the </> button. This will allow others with similar problems to find this thread with a search.

In addition to the top program mentioned by @yuntaz, GNOME System Monitor may help identify a resource hog.


hello have the same issue(( Have you solved it?