Fedora 38 Inspiration Poll

Which figure do you think would make the best inspiration for Fedora 38’s release artwork?

For more information on the individuals, and to follow along the issue visit here with the Reasearch list on gitlab.

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Photos above offer inspiration in the direction we could go with each person, none of them are the final wallpaper. All are from unsplash.com


Imho, the Samual Massie picture draws a bit attention to Fedora’s wide use in and eligibility for scientific use cases :smiley: Of course the Ruth Moore picture does the same, but the scientific background of that image ain’t as clear as the Massie one.


I agree, I think they both are really interesting avenues we could explore :smiley:
Leaning into the scientific background is something we could consider if we went with Moore’s.

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Thanks for including women science pioneers in this!


I agree… And I think Moore’s picture is a little too “busy”…

I am all for Morse, but you can’t beat butterflies from a female naturalist


I went with the green one…
I think people won’t know what is behind that (it should be explained on a card on the welcome thinggy)… they just see the default wallpaper.
And I do believe we need some green on our lives… it is an uplifting color.


Can I vote that the Beta wallpaper is awesome and we should just keep it? :slight_smile:


Its probably not accurate (or perhaps its misleading) to say the S.F.B. Morse invented the electric telegraph. He invented one form of the telegraph and the pre-cursor to what we now call the Morse code (International Morse Code). Other people had working telegraphs before Morse. (also I don’t see how the picture relates to Morse or Morse code or to telegraphy)

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Just wanted to say all the choices are amazing. This is not easy to choose.

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Definitely agree it doesn’t give off the vibe of a calm wallpaper haha- however, the photo was included in the poll for Moore because it looked like one potential avenue to explore based off her work (to me it emulated the colors associated with blood). If Moore was chosen the wallpaper wouldn’t be as busy and could even go in a totally different direction. Thanks for the comment :smiley:

I vote for insect. Why? The biodiversity crisis. The numbers of insects have decreased by 70% since 1970s. Mostly because of land use change (agriculture), pesticides (agriculture) and climate crisis.

If insect dies, all the life dies. Or at least billions.


looking at pictures it was extremely hard to vote but i voted.

Good for you! Exercise your rights!

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Wallpapers are cute bug I find them distracting. I don’t use my display as an art exhibition. I wan t to be able to find my launchers. My background is always plain black.

I read the comments after voting… And your comment got me thinking. I would like to suggest Marie Curie, or if you know her better by her hacker handle, Madame Curie, for Fedora 39.

The choices above suggest a preference for abstract images, but if that isn’t a requirements, this one caught my eye:

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Samuel P. Massie - A chemist who worked with uranium isotopes in WW II.

It is like FEDORA : using tomorrow’s technology right now :grin:

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How do you know what the Beta wallpaper in F38 will be? We have only seen F37 so far … and I like, too.