Unexpected email notifications

I got an email from discourse (notifications@askfedora.discoursemail.com) about this thread even though I had never seen it or participated it and I wasn’t mentioned in it.

How do we unsubscribe from these unsolicited email blasts like this? I’ve tried the Report Spam and Unsubscribe button in my email client on the last few ones, but it has had no affect.

Below the four “share” “bookmark” “flag” “reply” buttons at the bottom, there is another button: I assume it currently shows “Watching”. Click on it and change this to “Muted”.

Yeah same here, I didn’t even have a Discourse account when I received this email. When I logged in with my Fedora account it had me go through the first-time account setup and tutorial with @discobot. I am definitely not a fan of getting this type of spam in my inbox.

Hmmm, that’s odd and obviously should not happen. If you (or anyone else) is still getting unexpected messages, please send them (with full headers if you know how to dothat) to me at my mattdm [@] redhat dot com address. Thank you. (I appreciate the irony of obscuring my email address here, yes. I also hate unintended email so I do want to get to the bottom of this.)

Sorry for the confusion here, looks like I was wrong about where the email came from. The email I received was actually from Ask Fedora, which I did have an account on, and the link that I clicked in the email simply took me to the Fedora Discussion post. I had made the assumption that the email came from here, which was incorrect.

Thanks @mattdm for taking a look at this.