Fedora 37rawhide edition... Gnome with WhiteScreen "Oh no!" and mouse active

Hallo Everyone,
I tested this version 37 and after yesterdays updates I have problem with Gnome WhiteScreen “Oh no!” and mouse active
So at the beginning I thought windows manager is not working, but I got access to the system via Cockpit.

Based on information from forums I implemented several things.
a) removed Nvidia package: sudo remove nvidia
b) removed Gnome by: sudo dnf groupremove “gnome desktop environment”
c) added Gnome by: sudo dnf groupinstall “gnome desktop environment”
d) tested change by /etc/gdm/custom.conf and disabled wayland then enabled it (of course with restart)
e) tested to update all packages with “sudo dnf upgrade --refresh”

System works I have access via F4 and command line. So “mc” works and system works with correct fw etc. So I assume this is something with GDM settings or bug. I can not use different kernel from boot loader and I can not use recovery. So latest kernel (from yesterday 15.02.2022) and all fixes were installed. I install everything when it is available.

But I realised yesterday I do now know how to diagnose and check Gnome.
I use HP Studio G5 mobile workstation - and it is my test workstation so - not productive system.
So I have absolutely no stress to test anything.

And my question at the end.

How I should test this issue? or what I can apply to the system to eliminate this bug.
Version 36/37 I installed on 11.02.2022. So all the packages were working correctly. But after yesterdays packages something went wrong.

I will come back to home at about 19:00 CET so I will go with your suggestions and I will share some config files. Should I report this as bug to RedHat forum?

All the best

Hi @tmssz , welcome to the forum!

Please see:


If you are using F37 (rawhide), hopefully only for testing, you should subscribe to both the Fedora QA and Fedora devel mailing list to keep up with and participate in the discussion. (The forum here is really more for released Fedora Linux versions because folks here are not expected to be using Rawhide and keeping up with Fedora development)

For more information on the target audience for Rawhide, expectations, and information on discussing rawhide, please also see this page:


Just for information. Several days later I did: sudo dnf update
and plenty of libraries were installed.

After restart Gnome was working Ok.
So lesson learned by using version which is under development … to be patient.

But generally I have a lot of fun testing and using Rawhide and I like it.
All the Best