Fedora 37 VM Kernel Panic on Windows 11

I have a Fedora 37 VM running on VirtualBox. The PC was on Windows 10, where the VM ran fine. After upgrading the PC to Windows 11 that VM almost immediately goes into a kernel panic.

Funny thing, but VirtualBox has 4 other VMs, one of them a real old Linux, and all of them run fine. VirtualBox is at the latest level and all the VMs were tested prior to the Windows 11 upgrade.

Any suggestions? I don’t have anything important on the VM.

Looks like it fails the same way with the Live ISO too. I tried VirtualBox uninstall/install followed by a reboot and no change.

Google is your friend. I stumbled into a solution from months ago to disable Hyper-V in Windows 11. According to the article Oracle fixed this months ago, but apparently not.