Fedora 37 - user account expired unable to log in

My wife is unable to log in, getting a message saying her account has expired. I don’t have an account on her system to login in to reactivate her account. What is the best way to resolve this without having to do a wipe and rebuild of my wife’s laptop?

Thank you.

The best way is to login as root and reset her account.
Do you know the system’s root password?

If not, you can follow the guide to reset the root password.

If you choose to go the route #2 (chroot from Live media), you can also reset the password from the chroot, for example

chage --mindays 7 \
--maxdays 900 --warndays 14 <username>

or to remove the account expiration date:

chage -E -1 <username>
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Thank you. Root password set. How do I get into the terminal to reset my wife’s account?

you boot your machine, and when you see the login screen (GDM), you press CTRL+ALT+F3 to get to a virtual terminal (tty3), login as root and remove the account expiration with chage -E -1 <wife>, whereas <wife> must be replaced with her username.

Thank you for your help - much appreciated! My wife can now use her laptop again. I’m saving your responses to my Linux reference folder under Joplin for future reference.