No User Login is working

Hi All, After booting to my Fedora Core 31 Install after a couple of months , I found that I am not able to login with my username password. I tried to login as root, which did not accept my credentials as well. Assuming I have forgotten my password with inactive use . I went into Single User mode from Grub and Reset my Root password and user password,

After Reboot, The Password still doesnt work . Neither with GNOME/KDE , Nor at Shell. I am not able to login except to go via Grub.

What Should I be checking ?

How did you reset the root password? Did you use this How to reset a root password on Fedora - Fedora Magazine procedure?

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Hi @rele,

Yes, This is how I reset the password

Fedora 31 is close to EoL, so I recommend to perform system upgrade:

It might as well solve your problem.

That should work. Try it again. While in single user mode also try to add a new user and login later with that new user.

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