Fedora 37 bluetooth mouse lag issues

I have a Logitech M720 Triathlon connected (tried both with the reciever and bluetooth) and I have the same issue.

I can connect the mouse and it works for a while, then it starts to lag and disconnect after a few minutes. It will eventually connect but starts doing the same thing.

I have tried to repair/forget the device and tried multiple connections (has 1-3 memory positions for multiple devices).

Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot? I saw some old posts but they did not seem to do the trick.

Just to rule out the obvious first - is you mouse charged/has fresh batteries? Is your receiver connected to a dock that might have a bunch of other USB powered devices connected to it?

Yes, it is also paired to the MacBook Pro and works as expected.

Alright, a little bit of a face palm moment here…

I had rearranged the office and part of that was taking a part my desktop machine. I did not hook up the wireless antenna and as soon as I did the issue was resolved.

This was certainly a PEBKAC moment.

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