Bluetooth mouse input latency

The input of my Bluetooth mouse (Logitech M590) is slower on Fedora Silverblue 30 than on other distros. It looks like there are several dropped frames per second and the position is ever so slightly behind.

It isn’t very noticeable at first glance, but it does lead to several missclicks and the speed is visibly slower after trying it on other distros. I’ve tried using the same mouse on the same device using live USBs for Fedora Workstation and Ubuntu, both of which don’t exhibit the same issues.

Is there any way for me to diagnose this problem on Silverblue? Or is it something others are experiencing as well? I always keep it relatively up to date and the only layered packages I have installed are:
fedora-workstation-repositories gnome-tweaks nano sushi

I experience the same issues, however only after the latest updates. Because I do daily updates, this regression must have occurred around 30.20190821.0.

Edit: I learned that my previous statement regarding 30.20190821.0 is incorrect after trying to revert to a previous version of SB to get rid of this issue.

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I have the Logitech M720 (connected with Bluetooth) and this mouse works fine.

Okay, so I have searched a bit and found at least a temporary solution that works for me.

(1) First find your bluetooth mouse physical address, e.g. by running
hcitool con in a terminal.

(2) Then open the file /var/lib/bluetooth/XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX/ZZ:ZZ:ZZ:ZZ:ZZ:ZZ/info and add the following lines


(3) Finally, reboot.

I guess those values depend on the bluetooth mouse, but at least for my Logitech MX Master 2 it works. I know this is a very inelegant solution, and maybe somebody else has a better idea, but at least I can use my BT mouse again.

BTW, this is based upon:

and the last comment from


I think this broke in one of the recent updates (Workstation is also affected). I’m also using one of the workarounds from links above.

Worked for me. Fedora 31 beta. Keyboard and mouse “Designer Bluetooth® Desktop”