Laggy bluetooth dell wm615 on fedora 30

I have a problem with the latency of the wm615 mouse with fedora 30.

Latency cannot be set from the mouse configuration, it does not accept it, nor does it work from tweak-tool.

The only way it works is by using the commands:

export MOUSEHANDLE=hcitool with | grep "BB:F5:56:2D:5D:E0" | awk '{print $5}'
sudo hcitool lecup --handle $MOUSEHANDLE --min 6 --max 7 --latency 25

And that has to be done at every reboot, or user lock.

Where can I moficar the latency in a general way?
Is kernel error? bluez?

Not it’s error mouse, because i was try in live cd fedora 30, and its worked, and i tried in windows.