Fedora 36 s390x installation

Has anyone successfully installed Fedora 36 s390x, in particular under the Hercules 390 emulator? If you have can you please share the secret of your success.

I successfully installed Fedora 30 s390x several years ago, but with every release since then I have had nothing but failure.


Hi @shorty3215 , welcome to the community.

Could you note what issue you’ve run into? There are folks that are focussed on the s390x arch, and they certainly use it there.

This page has information on contacting them etc.:



I’m doing a minimal install, which attempts to download and install approx 350 packages. However the download always stalls, usually after downloading 2 or 3 percent of the packages, once after downloading 11 percent. The download is from an HTTP server on my home LAN.

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That doesn’t sound like an issue specific to the s390x arch. Are you able to do minimal installs of other arches using this setup?