Fedora 36 Internet download speed limit

Hi, i newbie in linux :slightly_smiling_face:, recently installed Fedora 36. I have an Internet speed of 300 mbps but the download speed is only 30-35 mbps, I checked in applications: steam, librewold (browser), qbittorrent, speed limit in options is off. On windows everything was normal. Speedtest in the browser shows a normal speed of 300, download and upload. How do I fix this?

This may very well be a misinterpretation of the units. Your internet speed of 300 mbps (megabits per second) is actually ~35 mBps (megabytes per second). I would venture that your download is displayed in bytes and not bits so the units make a big difference in the apparent speed. (One byte is actually 8 bits, and with overhead it is usually seen as somewhere between 8 & 10 bits with internet protocols.)

Nothing to be fixed other than knowing which units are being displayed.

Oops, it was that simple, thanks for the clarification :smile: