Fedora 36 KDE update broke my installation

Hi everyone, unfortunately the latest update to Fedora 36 KDE I applied (2/28/2023 ~21:00 EST) in my system BROKE my installation. I simply did a run of the mill ‘sudo dnf update’, not a version upgrade and now my system is broken. When I log in using plasma X11 it keeps crashing (a dialog appears telling me of the crash and also that I can’t report it because plasma is crashed), Wi-Fi is down and it keeps reverting to default display configuration (making my laptop screen primary instead of secondary). Plasma Wayland doesn’t crash but still isn’t of much help since I can’t even connect to Wi-Fi (I’m writing this from my phone) because it says the agent isn’t running in order to retrieve my password… BUT inserting the password manually into the network manager doesn’t connect to my Wi-Fi either. Plasma looks weird too, it’s like something changed about it. Has anyone experienced this? How can I get my system back to work again? How can I get the Wi-Fi back to work? That way I could maybe downgrade plasma and see how it goes since using the older kernel didn’t help. And could I revert the update using dnf history?

Sorry if this isn’t the best place to report this… Would appreciate suggestions. Browsing these sites using mobile isn’t the most intuitive.

Undoing an upgrade transaction is a bit tricky:

  • Fedora repos include only the initial and the latest package versions, intermediate ones are discarded.
  • DNF history can only undo transactions when the previous version is available in the repos.
  • DNF downgrade can work with unversioned package names.

As such, to undo an upgrade, you need to downgrade to the earliest available version:

# List transaction history
sudo dnf hist list --reverse

# Undo upgrade transaction
sudo dnf downgrade \
$(rpm --qf "%{NAME}\n" -q \
$(sudo dnf hist info ${DNF_TRID} \
| awk -e '/^\s+Upgrade\s/{print $2}'))

Specify your upgrade transaction ID, or use 0 for the most recent transaction.

I used an ethernet adapter and got access to internet. Downgraded a few plasma packages which didn’t work… Upgraded others… Then it worked. There’s still a kernel core error popping up when it first log in to plasma x11 but other than that it allows me to work. Looks like the upgrade effed up something. I’ll partclone backup the installation and do another update in a few days. Hopefully that solves it.