Fedora 35 Beta Workstation general feedback without real bugs

Where I can post a general feedback about testing Fedora 35 Beta for the purpose of Quality Assurance without writing a bug report, because the found minor issues are not bugs really. I don’t want spent my time for writing “ghost feedback” and nobody of the responsible Beta-Team reads it. A bug report is too much overhead and too complex for a normal report about the Fedora 35 Beta. The Test mailing-list is the wrong place for me, because after registering for it I got the whole mail traffic and not the expected answer.

If this is the wrong place for such an answer please move it to the right category.


You have a few options but these really are the only options:

  • The test mailing list is the right place, but a mailing list means you will receive whatever e-mails everyone sends. There’s no real way around that. You can’t send e-mails but not want what others send. It’s just how open community discussion channels work. You can update your mailing list settings to send you digests and so on if you want to reduce the number of e-mails you get from the list.

  • Minor issues, if they are unexpected, do qualify as bugs. So, you can go ahead and file bugs for the individual packages. That’s even better than mailing the test-list. You can even file them upstream directly instead of the Fedora bugzilla (even better!).

People do read your posts, but that doesn’t mean they’ll respond to all of them. The idea is to share information and when a discussion is required, people will respond. However, please do remember to provide accurate information in the shortest form possible—that way people spend a little time but get most info.

Also, and I think you already know this—there’s no guarantee of an expected answer. If someone has something to say, they will. If not, they won’t. There’s no one charged with “replying to every e-mail”. Your best bet is to file bugs, and if they are well filed, they will get responses.


You could just explain the issue in the bug report. Without answering all questions. Maybe your little issue can connect others to solutions.

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Another alternative is to scan the bug reports already posted and see if any are related to your issue. If so you can add additional info if warranted.

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Thank you for your hints. I have written the appropriate bug reports.