Suggest to have a pinned thread of "Where to report issues."

F37 is coming soon. There should be a new wave of new users of Fedora Linux following. And it likely will create a new wave of new posts to Ask as well.

Do we have a thread here, on where to report issues?

If this is alerady posted somewhere else, like how to report issues, may be it is time to refresh it for F37.

What I am thinking about, on top of various different packages / subsystems, we have:

  1. Different Editions, spins, etc
  2. Different Builds - Released version, Rawhide, Nightly Build
  3. Packages from different Repos - Official, Copr, Third-party, etc.

The post can further highlight where is the best place to “discuss” the issues / ask question about them.

If I remember correctly, Ask is the place to ask about Released Versions + Beta versions.


Technically, I think Ask is correct for any active release.

Beta and rawhide are different because fewer users are running them and issues need to be reported to the developers.

Beta, because the developers are not expected to read everything here and a direct report can get quicker results. Rawhide because errors are anticipated and need reported to be identified and fixed.

We already have tags to identify specific releases, hardware, spins, etc. and probably all of us know that bugs get reported at Most other issues are user (pebcak) or config errors that are solved in discussion at Ask.

Discussion on Ask helps identify if the issue is a bug and if not then usually solves it.

I think a faq we do already have. Might be a good idea and see if there could be added something.
As it is a wiki everyone should be able to make some additions.

The general idea on the forum is that people ask questions, get help diagnosing issues/bugs, and then we help them figure out what package is causing it so they can file a bug if necessary using this document:

I think this is fine, and works well. I understand the point of adding another post, but no post will replace the manual discussion that is usually required to diagnose issues and pin-point what component the issue is related to. :thinking:

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