Link the Fedora bugzilla for easy access

Hey, one thing that was not easy to find when starting with Fedora was where to report bugs.

I think it would be very useful when linking

to and

Would make finding them way easier!

Of course improving the UI and integrating a button on the websites would also be useful, especially here in discussion.

There is the possibility for a banner, see how brave does it (ignore the completely strange content.

There are tons of bugs appearing here that should really go to bugzilla.

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My understanding was that Fedora wants the (potential) bugs reported here first. Then people are supposed to be forwarded to if that’s deemed appropriate on a case by case basis. Maybe this is a point that @mattdm could clarify?


I’d like to add, that having an easier way to file bugs through the UI would be great. In my opinion, Everyone should have this click through experience for bug reporting.

It might not amount to much, but the fact that it’s being reported might help bring resolution to some problems.

I did use my Fedora credentials, through the Bugzilla UI retrieve a key (which can expire?) and add it to the Problem Reporting app.

If somehow this were easier to do, I think more people would report bugs more often.

As an aside, How does KDE report bugs to Bugzilla (If they even do so? ). I am not aware of this since I do not use KDE.


True. KDE Plasma has a really great system for that, the problem is often identifying where the bug comes from.

I report 90% bugs to KDE as they are likely upstream. Only packaging, external software etc. are filed to Fedora

We do have aliases—try Bug List, for example.

The Fedora packages app also links to bugzilla:

This is correct. We don’t want people posting queries on to bugzilla. It isn’t designed for troubleshooting, and users and community members that are not package maintainers are not expected to keep track of activity on bugzilla. Also, bugzilla is used for more than bugs—it’s used for feature requests, new versions, and lots of other tracking.

So we’d rather people come here first and after the community has helped identify bugs, we request that they be posted on to bugzilla. We do have a quick doc that explains how to do it too:


I gave up that after I saw I need to register and create and add keys to enable automatic reporting… That is way too complicated for most of users TBH there should be better solution since there is the app and automation already, but for now it is not working as it should

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The API key was a new addition recently. One didn’t need it previously. I’m not entirely sure why that happened, probably to combat spam on Bugzilla or something. The bugzilla instance is maintained by Red Hat so there’s not a lot the Fedora community can do there. (There’s discussion of moving away from Bugzilla in the future).

One does need to create an account. That’s compulsory, because anonymous bug reports aren’t very useful—more information is usually required, and without a way of contacting the reporter, a lot of bugs will just have to be closed.

For most cases, ABRT reports are good enough. Only one person has to then also file the bug and the ABRT data is noted in the bug, so the maintainer will know things like how often the issue is encountered.