Fedora 34 Workstation KDE stuck on installing boot loader

So I’ve wanted to try out Fedora recently, but the installation is stuck at the “Installing boot loader” part.

The Fedora version I’m installing is Fedora 34 Workstation KDE. I use a 9 year old Dell laptop which uses BIOS. All the other distributions I’ve used before (Linux Mint, Arch Linux, openSUSE) installed just fine. But for some reason Fedora gets stuck at the “Installing boot loader” part.

The installer and the rest of the Live ISO do respond and the progress indicator spins. But no matter how long I wait (I waited more than an hour), it still stays at that part.

How do I know if it’s actually stuck or if I’m just being impatient. And if it is stuck, how can I fix it?

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I used a kernel bootparameter into the F34-installer.ISO to get rid of LVM sucessfully.

maybe use alternative partitioning scheme avoiding anything EFI.