Fedora 34: Dash to Dock crash every (or almost) time when I turn off the display

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Dash to Dock crash every (or almost) time when I turn off the display or change the display output (to switch to the Raspberri Pi, which is connected to the same display). I can then restart (Alt-F2 + r), but it doesn’t work at all under Wayland (and it’s quite painful). Fedora 33 didn’t crash.

Tested (and reproducible) with two different displays.

For me Gnome without Dash to Dock (or similar) is not usable at all. Maybe it’s time for Gnome to add Dash display options to make Dash more user-friendly?

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It looks like that the extension is not ready for Gnome 40, have a look with the developer of the extension:

Did you give plank a try?

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Just want to mention that there’s a fork that works on GNOME 40.

When building it on my system the script kept complaining about wanting sassc even though I had the Dart transpiler (sass) installed. If that happens to you be sure to set the env to the correct magic string by using:

export SASS=dart

or you can follow instructions in the readme for any of the alternatives listed.

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Mine seems to work fairly well except for the crashes mentioned in my post.

I got it back with update 33 → 34, for a while it was marked as “broken” (with a red icon in the extensions app), then after an update it started working again…