Fedora 33 - hum from speakers connected to headphone jack on Dell XPS laptop

I’m trying out Fedora 33 on my Dell XPS 9380 laptop that is currently running Ubuntu 18.04 (Kernel 4.15). I haven’t tried Fedora for a number of years, and never did use it long. Audio works fine in Ubuntu with speakers plugged in the headphone jack. A live boot for F33 results in hum coming from the speakers. It stops if I play media. If I unplug the speaker plug, and insert again, I get the prompt for what type of device I have plugged in and I select headphones, to no avail. My guess is that F33 has configured the headphone jack as a microphone input, despite my response to the prompt.

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Taking a stab in the dark here but some Googl’ing turned up this:

Both seem to reference that it could be a power management configuration issue. Hope this is the issue for your problem…


Thank you, @smorris12. Since I wasn’t getting the buzzing from Ubuntu, I thought it was a Fedora-specific issue. Hence I only searched Fedora resources. The first answer was all I needed. Now, I should recommend that be a default for Fedora. How to do?

The Fedora bug tracker info is here: How to file a bug :: Fedora Docs

It’s a bit of work but you do get the joy of reporting something that would make life better for other Fedora users…

Thanks for fighting the good fight on this!

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