Fedora 32 hangs while opening folder on the app grid

So, it happen sometimes (well often i should say) that fedora hangs while i’m opening a folder on the app grid

Considering the screen starts flickering a little, i can just enter the console and do things on there, like rebooting gnome or the entire pc

To me it sounds like some problem with the new folder view but i don’t know how tho check that, as i’ve tried journalctl but does not seems to say anything useful about

Any hint since this is getting quite tedious?


The first thing to try is to reproduce this with a new user:

  • create a new user that does not have modified configurations or extensions
  • see if the issue persists there

If it does, we debug further.

Do you think i need to delete my old account?

Hi, from the description, that might be the same as this gnome-shell bug upstream: Graphical Flickering and Unresponsive Interface When Scrolling in Folder (#2665) · Issues · GNOME / gnome-shell · GitLab


First, just create a new user and see if the problem persists.

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Hi, this is the same exact problem, thank you, i also wrote on the bug page :slight_smile: