Gnome stuttering (Fedora 32)

Has anyone find Gnome performance to degrade badly? My desktop environment becomes very choppy after playing game for awhile. There’s literally frame drop and it just gets worse with time. The freeze is 1-2s even after I quit the game. Another word, Gnome is itself stuttering. The only way that I’ve found to “fix” the problem is to restart the gdm service from a terminal…

The issue will occur but delayed when I boot kernel from Fedora 31
I notice that kernel 5.7.11-100-fc31.x86_64 will delay the problem for a significant amount of time
The most recent kernel 5.10.8-100-fc32.x86_64, while supposed to be superior to 5.7.11, will seems to stutter about 3-4h into a gaming session.
Anything from 5.9 will stutter terribly within an hour
Whatever is going on, it appears to be a leak within the Gnome or Gnome compositor itself as once it starts, it will persist until gdm is restarted
If I run this in the background, it seems I am able to keep the stutter away for about 5-6 hours

while true; do sudo bash -c 'sync; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches'; echo "$(date) Dropped caches"; sleep 1800; done

At first I suspected that esync was eating up all of the file handles…but running

lsof | awk '{print $1}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn | head | awk '{count=count+$1}END{print count}'

shows that while the number of files opened was high, close to a million, it was still not above the defaultLimitNOFILE of 2^20, which I’m still struggling to override…

If anyone could provide some pointers for fixing this problem, I would appreciate it.