Fedora 32 Gnome monitor bug with nvidia drivers

I set myself a Fedora with a gnome. I have a laptop with nvidia ge force 1050 graphics card.
The additional monitor is connected to the laptop and in the display settings is located above the laptop. Everything worked fine until I downloaded the nvidia drivers.
Now if you put a monitor above the laptop in the display manager, then both monitors merge into one large one.
Moreover, if you put the monitors on the sides, then everything is ok. Or an additional monitor under the laptop screen also works.
I still haven’t found a solution.
Please help

normal positioning of monitors is side by side. It is much easier on the neck and eyes to switch side to side than up and down.

I also use gnome in F32 and I just tried with my laptop. It allowed me to position the second display on any of the 4 sides of the primary display and also allowed me to select which display was primary…

I cannot repeat your issue. My gnome is 3.36 and my nvidia is 3:450.66-1 from rpmfusion

What I do see is that the top monitor, whether it is the laptop or the second, always maintains the taskbar across the top. That makes sense because having the taskbar across a window which spans the displays would be irritating.