Dual Monitors: GDM is R/L while Gnomes is L/R

My old Dell Vostro 3350 notebook has both VGA & HDMI outputs. When the LCD lid is closed, both output works.

In Gnome Display Settings, I arranged the logical position to match the physical positions. That is: Left is HDMI while Right is VGA . (Gnome assigned Display Identifiers 2 to VGA and 3 to HDMI)

Now, in GDM, the logical positions are in reverse. That is: VGA is Left while HDMI is right.

How can I override the logical position of displays in GDM?

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Would you like to double check with Gnome Setting on which one of the monitors are set as main display?

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My main display is the VGA (physical right). I set it like that as it has more vertical pixels.


That method worked perfectly for me.


This solution still works for Fedora 36