Fedora 32 & 33 remote desktop not really working

I use standard Fedora installation, GNOME on Xorg. And I am stuck with Fedora 31, which means I cannot update the system anymore and I cannot enjoy up-to-date versions of several apps. Why? Because Fedora 31 is the last version that has working remote screen sharing and I need to use it almost every day.

Fedora 32 remote desktop simply does not work on Xorg. Fedora 33 remote desktop pretends to work on Xorg, however, there is a fatal flaw: as soon as the computer is locked, it is not possible to remotely connect (if there is existing remote connection, it is cut). It works when the computer is unlocked, but leaving your computer unlocked when you are miles away is not a very good idea.

I had to downgrade to Fedora 31 several times because of this, which is far from ideal.

Is there any chance of fix? I imagine that it should be trivial on Fedora 33.

(I have already reported the bug, but either I filed it incorrectly or nobody cares: 1903090 – Remote desktop sharing does not work when host is locked)


I’ve found this annoying as well, but did come up with a workaround:

On first login, open up Looking Glass (Alt-F2, lg), and then override the inhibitor function, since it’s triggered from the JavaScript side:

global.backend.get_remote_access_controller().inhibit_remote_access = () => {};

Then it will no longer lock out VNC when the screen locks.

I’m sure someone could write an extension or script to do this automatically, but I’m too lazy as I don’t logout too often.


@qulogic thank you, I’ll try it. If it works, you have saved me a LOT of frustration!

Just an FYI. I often use zoom on F33 (with gnome) and it does allow remote screen sharing, both display and control.

@qulogic , it works until a reboot. How do I make it persistent?

Like I said, I haven’t had much need for that, so you’d have to figure out how to write a script or extension yourself. It’s just a workaround for the moment.

if connect to ssh with same gnome remote desktop machine, can unlock it with the following command

loginctl unlock-session

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