Favorite (rpm-ostree friendly) monitoring tools?


I need to monitor the availability and vulnerabilities in some devices on my network and I would like to do that from Fedora Atomic Server (fc29) what do people recommend?
So far I have looked at OpenNMS and OpenVas (atomicorp, GSA) but they don’t have very current packaging and I have trouble installing them (I need to run them as root).
Perhaps Zabbix or Nagios are more friendly? is there a similar package that is current with fedora packaging?


Hello @blaise,
I am not entirely familiar with the products you are talking about, but I did find something awhile ago when I was looking at similar roles for an industrial network of one of my clients. OpenVas is now Greebone as per this link https://community.greenbone.net/t/gvm-9-stable-initial-release-2017-03-07, it can be freely downloaded and is still open source. At least according to their site.

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Hi @jakfrost, thanks for the reply. I considered greebone/OpenVas but they don’t have a package specifically for fedora and I had some installation issues trying to use some of their older RPMs.