Which rpm-ostree based Fedora edition to use for a home server?

Hello Fedora community,

I am currently building a home server and would like to use Fedora as an OS for it.

Since I like using Fedora Silverblue on my laptop and will be self hosting all my services in containers, an rpm-ostree based edition seems optimal. I would also be provisioning my server with Ansible.

So my question is, should I use Fedora CoreOS or Fedora IoT?

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Honestly I would use FCOS since it is the atomic replacement of Fedora Server.

Both editions have distinctive features and use cases. The article presented by maintainers of theses editions might help to clarify what works for you.

Python is not included in FCOS, so you won’t be able to provision it with Ansible
So, thanks to ignition, you won’t need Ansible at all since provisioning is done at boot/install time :wink:
That’s the philosophy of FCOS, Butane/ignition is your friend :slight_smile:

Dropping secureblue server in here.

It is based on ublue, which is based on Fedora. Pretty close to your silverblue but optimized for Servers. Secureblue is in general very security optimized and I recommend to rebase to it (after trying it out on a secondary drive to be sure).

It doesnt have the ignition stuff which I actually find confusing, so it just works from the start.

You will need the userns variants if you want to use Podman containers.

If you should rebase to secureblue on the desktop, note:

  • firefox is removed. I currently build mine from source which is cool but annoying. There is a missing feature/bug in rpm-ostree preventing the reinstall of a package removed in the image creation process
  • you will want the userns variants for regular behavior in Browsers, Flatpak and to make Podman work at all
  • the LD_PRELOAD of hardened_malloc is kinda experimental and causes for some people (not me) issues with some electron apps.
  • they use very needed kargs to harden the kernel, one of them prevented boot for me so its experimental now. It works on my new Novacustom coreboot BIOS but didnt boot on proprietary Thinkpad Bios