Failed to get nvidia working with the latest zen-kernel on fedora 34

Today I tried to get the linux-zen kernel working with nvidia drivers however the zen-kernel does succesfully boot, on boot-up i see a short message reminding me nvidia-dkms is missing.
I’ve attached a screenshot with the error output saying the directories are missing. Creating those directories does not work either, I’m clueless now.

Do you have the headers for that kernel which would normally be in kernel*-devel installed?

i cloned the zen-kernel into /home/Kernel/zen-kernel and made it from there. I did install all necessary dependencies yes. I don’t know exactly how i am supposed to grab the headers for that kernel?

I probably don’t know exactly what you mean as i am not a kernel expert by far, I know my way around the terminal and computers but this goes to far, the error message is also to cryptic for me. Going to the mentioned folder that does not exist it does, only there is nothing in it. Is that the issue?

dnf install kernel-headers

It seems likely you installed the nvidia driver by downloading it directly from nvidia. If you use the rpmfusion repo and follow the install instructions there it installs the kernel headers as a dependency when you install the akmod-nvidia package.