Facing issues with Wi-Fi (when connected to router)

Hi Fedora community!

Just switched from windows to linux. Tried ubuntu, mint for a couple of days, but have switched to Fedora full time now.

However, I have been facing issues while using internet when I connect to my WiFi router.

The internet on other devices work absolutely fine, however on my fedora workstation it is very slow if & only if when I connect to my router. The mobile hotspot works perfectly fine and does not give me any speed issues or anything like that.

I have a 100 mbps plan on my WiFi router. When I test the speed (like browsing, playing vids on YT, etc.) it is perfectly speedy in Ubuntu, Mint, Windows 11.


Can anyone help me out please?

Thanks for taking out time to read my concern, I appreciate it.

What is the model of your Wi-Fi card? You can check it with the lspci command.

Got the above output ersen. And thanks for responding.

Do you have iwlwifi-mvm-firmware package installed? Also, can you post the output of sudo dmesg | grep iwlwifi

I am not sure how to check if iwlwifi-mvm-firmware is installed or not. But I ran the command you gave and it gave the attached output, so I am assuming it is installed?

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Looks like it is installed. What happens when you manually select 2.4 GHz or 5 Ghz when connecting to router’s wifi? You can click the gear icon next to Wi-Fi connection of your router in the settings and change the band from automatic to 5 or 2.4 GHz.

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I apologise Jeff. I will post the text next time. Thanks for suggestion.

Nothing happens, like it is still the same. some websites will load with okay speed, some will not load at all, on both brave and firefox. Only when I connect my wifi to mobile hotspot, everything is super speedy. Otherwise with wifi router no matter whether I am connected on 2.4 or 5 GHz band, it takes a lot of time to load the page.

Since this is specific to the AP used it would seem to me that you may consider either the router itself or the ISP service as the cause.

I am assuming that you are using the same wifi interface to connect to the router and to the hotspot so if that is correct then it certainly appears that it would be the AP and the path used there that is the factor involved in the slowdown.

But what about the other devices? Internet works just fine on other devices connected to the router.

check your network connection (name or your wifi it will have sign :gear: on right side ) it have ip6 automatic if yes disable and save after that check internet and system


I have seen similar problems when the ISP does not support IPv6. In my case disabling IPv6 fixed it quickly.

Thank you for the reminder @ledeni
I had overlooked that possibility.


Okay I have completely disabled IP6 and will monitor how the internet works.

@ledeni @computersavvy I want to thank you all for taking out time to respond to my query and helping me on this. Thank you. :slight_smile:

For some reason I can’t tag more than 2 people. ersen helped me too. Thanks ersen.

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:+1: great


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Got it, thanks again.



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