F39 opens a window with "remote desktop" "allow remote interaction"

After having upgraded from F38 to F39 I see a new window when trying to use KeePassXC with my Browser:
KeepassXC - Brave browser

This happens after I have opened a website with a login request and use Kespass’ function ‘Perform Auto-Type’. All I want is that Keepass fills the login data. I do not want to share with a remote desktop. Unfortunately this window can not be suppressed. Any idea how to prevent this from popping up?

Thank you in advance.

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I’m facing the same problem. Here is my quesiton on Reddit community.

This seems unusual, I will go back to Fedora 38 or try another distro.


I found a related issue at Gnome project:

This may be not a security problem, but a bug of Gnome desktop?

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What browser are you on.
Do you use the Keepass flatpak? Is your browser in a Flatpak as well?

Because you are trying to use the Auto Type feature I assume this event causes the prompt to show up. Give us a little more info on your setup, but I already suspect what’s happening.

No, I didn’t use Auto Type feature? (what is it?)

There is another thread:

My current solution: switch from Wayland to X11

I guess that’s happening because the application KeePassXC tries to insert your password using a function called “XTEST” which worked well under X11, but not Wayland. I already filed a bug upstream, but unfortunately, the latest updates didn’t fix the issue in the way I need it.

The browsers I use is Brave and Firefox, no flatpaks, neither browsers nor Keepass.

From the reactions to my ticket, I get to the conclusion that this is intended behavior, since the GNOME team doesn’t want applications to interact with any other windows behind the back of the user.

Normally, that portal dialog box should only appear once. After confirming, you should be able to insert the password to the focused window. If the window doesn’t have focus or Keepass uses a function to address a specific window, it won’t work, as far as I understand.

Did you update your machine recently? Because there was a bug that broke the ability to send key presses even to the focused application window by using XTEST, which has been fixed last week.

Keepass and other apps not using Portals?

Maybe I don’t understand your comment, but in fact applications that are using XTEST function to send key presses to other applications are routed through portals after the latest changes to mutter and libei. This is intended for security reasons.

While I understand the concerns, having applications control other application’s windows, the current situation feels a little bit awkward to me. Sure, other OSes also implemented mechanisms to grant / deny permissions for those kind of actions, but I feel it’s 1) a bit misleading to have a Remote Desktop dialog box popping up, although there is nothing happening remote and 2) the current solution doesn’t give you an option to grant access once and for all.

I’ve just started to use (again) Fedora, and this dialog seems to make my UI tests (based on Java Swing and AssertJ Swing) fail, even if I accept to share…

Some experiments: for me the problem goes away with one of the two alternative solutions:

I hope the removal of the gnome portal doesn’t break anything else (I have the GTK portal anyway)