Fedora 39 keeps SPAMING confirmation remote desktop window


I dont know why fedora keep spaming the window below. I click cancel it close but then I do anything on my computer it appears again. I close and it open again and again.
How do I fix the problem?

See this recent thread: Today's update of mutter breaks simulating key presses with xdotool

If you’re on Wayland, this likely has a similar cause. Can you describe what you’re doing that makes it appear?

Please share the output of xlsclients. That won’t catch something ephemeral like xdotool though.

Someone noticed a similar problem when sending keys using an X11-tool to an X11-app. I can’t reproduce this so far. Does this happen after using a specific app?

Are you positive about not being attacked by someone who wants to get inside your computer?

as I know that I dont use xlsclients. It happens when Im doing anything like scrolling, clicking on apps( not showing when I click or scroll on home screen). It only happens when there is no confirmation tab is on, otherwise it doesnt appear if I dont close the one that already appeared yet.

It happens to all of the apps I use except default app from fedora. I dont know why.

No, I dont think so

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Did you install the remote desktop client by chance? If so try uninstalling it to see if that is the problem.

It seems to be related to the latest updates of the packages mutter and mutter-common. Something about mutter, Wayland (specifically Xwayland), and as one user pointed out in my thread, possibly libel and portal. In my case, I don’t use the RDP Client that comes with GNOME.

@khanhdew: I created a bug report, maybe you want to share your information there too.

You would need to install xlsclients, either by typing ‘y’ at that prompt or sudo dnf install xlsclients.

My goal was to identify which X11 apps are running (if any) to see if any of them are using XTEST.

guys I think its fixed. I havent encountered the window anymore since I used my computer this day.

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Cannot confirm that the issue is already fixed when using mutter and mutter-common from the Fedora repositories. But there is a fix on its way upstream which might cover the issue you had.

Yeh but it doesnt appear anymore on my computer. That was annoying, thankfully its gone now LOL.

I’ve got the same issue and I’ve seen a few other Vietnamese folks around here (just like me), so I figured there might be something we have in common. Turns out, it’s probably the Vietnamese input method causing the problem. I turned it off and, boom, no more dialogue showing up!

The input method that I’m using: GitHub - BambooEngine/ibus-bamboo: Bộ gõ tiếng Việt cho Linux

This is my xlsclients output:

fedora  gsd-xsettings
fedora  ibus-x11
fedora  goldendict
fedora  microsoft-edge-stable
fedora  mutter-x11-frames
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Yes, that does appear to use XTest to synthesize key events. It’s not part of Fedora, is it? You’ll need to raise this with upstream.

There is already a fix on it’s way, currently in testing. So, it should hit stable repositories soon.

I too have a similar problem. And here’s what I found: