F39 Fails to boot removing RHGB from the grub cmnd line fixes it


I have just upgraded from F37 to F39. The machine booted into the new kernel and all looked sweet. On the next next few boots it was a bit hit and miss if it finished booting and eventually it just failed to boot at all. Selected the new kernel from the grub menu and it drew some colorful lines on the monitor. Eventually the screen went blank and the system didn’t boot. After much thought I removed rhgb and quiet from the grub command line to see what was happening and it booted up just fine and it boots up every time if I edit the command line and does not if I don’t. The other unusal issue (and I think they are related) is sometimes it fails to shut down. This is a triple boot system with Windows and Gurada, no issues with them so it’s definitely not hardware related. Can anyone point me in a direction to fix this.

So some more digging and it’s due to this Third-party modules (e.g. Nvidia) are not rebuilt during system upgrade

Did you rebuild the modules to verify that.

  1. sudo dnf remove kmod-nvidia-*fc39*
  2. sudo akmods --force
  3. reboot

No, I just ran ```
sudo depmod -a

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