Etcher does not detect USB drive


Fedora does not work like i expected. I want to install Lubuntu but i can’t boot my usb drive. Etcher does not detects my usb drive. Any helps?

If you were asking about Fedora, I would suggest this method:
Preparing for Installation :: Fedora Docs

It typically applies to other modern hybrid Linux images.
Otherwise, consult your distro’s docs and support channels.


+1, I’m leaving the post here for the time being because it’s presumably about using Etcher on Fedora and so is OK here. However, as pointed out, one may need to refer to the specific distribution’s documentation on preparing install media etc. They may not follow the same method that we use for Fedora Linux.


Yet another work-around, no additional software needed, just use the onboard tool Gnome-Disks:

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I’ve been using Fedora Media Writer for quite awhile and have had no issues.