Does Fedora Media Writer detele all data and partitions from usb stick when it creates the live media?

Hi! A while ago I made a live usb stick (automatic loading/writing) using the Fedora media writer tool and the program seemed to work well. However, I thought I’d ask if this tool deletes all data when it writes data to the stick?

I ask this because I used Etcher to write the Fedora iso image to the same stick a long time ago, and I started to wonder if Fedora media writer leaves some old data on the stick, or does it overwrite all the data? This came to my mind and I was starting to get bit paranoid that if the computer boots the old previous etcher partition from the stick instead of this new Fedora media writer partition. Is that even possible?

A bit weird question, but I just thought to ask about this. Thanks!

Yes. Everytime it writes an ISO image to the USB, it removed while disk, reformat and write.

And the partition size usually less than the whole disk size.

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For all intents and purposes etcher and media-writer do the same thing. They write the iso image to the device in a way that the device appears to be an exact copy of the iso image and nothing else. Overwriting anything already there in the process.

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