Errors on login "sway"

Hi, I have used this atomic image as my main os for the past month or so. It started as sway, rebased to onyx, and I recently rebased back to sway, I liked the terminal. I noticed however, an odd graphical error/bug “not quite sure yet”. I don’t know if I can fix it, I have found no information on this yet. I will attach images of what I am seeing. I can ssh into my target machine, working on mosh too. The problem is that when you “time out”, you get locked in a login background screen and colored circles :large_blue_circle: :red_circle: pop up with little messages like “clear” “wrong”

Do you have swayidle configured to start swaylock when your system is idle?

It’s config should be in ~/.config/swayidle/config. See man swayidle for details on how to configure it.

Did you enter your password correctly? Swaylock doesn’t have a standard text field for unlocking. But, I’m not sure I understand what your problem is.

I had to make the directory and file. I am trying to just rebase into kinoite, this way i don’t encounter issues with these LXQt files i don’t have, I am not used to tiling window managers. Still new to linux

Sway probably isn’t the best choice for someone who is new to Linux. It caters more to old-school folks who prefer to do things from the command line (using older TUI text editors like vim, etc.). It is also good for sysadmins and power users who do a lot of command line work (via SSH to remote systems, etc.). :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you but school starts soon and I don’t have time to set that up. I just want to get my cron tables going on a user friendly gui friendly desktop environment. I tried onyx I like that too, but KDE/kinonites better because you get KDE connect. Onyx/budgie doesn’t have that as far as I know. I am getting a mini pc soon too, putting fedora on that too. I did what you said, had to mkdir the location and file for some reason. I really appreciate the insight as the advice has kept the screen on long enough to finish the rebase at least

KDE might be a good choice for someone who is just starting out with Linux. It is quite rich with features and, in some ways, the default interface better resembles Windows if you are familiar with that.

Do note that the info I provided earlier about configuring the screensaver/lock-screen was only relevant to the Sway desktop environment. If you are using the Kool Desktop Environment, that configuration file won’t do anything. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for filling me in on that last bit. I have been practicing with KDE, working with my CRON & ANACRON schedulers. I also am working with some AI prompt engineering. I have py terminalgpt integrated with kitty, I like that setup. Teaching myself for the first time how to use “tmux” today. I also isolated my net and setup a lab for burp so I could learn how to monitor http request. I realise this is almost unrelated to fedora, but it they honestly have a good standing in the linux community if you ask me. I put parrot os in boxes for burp suite.

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