Errors during downloading metadata for repository ‘fedora’

hi, I installed Fedora 39, When I ran ‘dnf update’ , I got this:

Errors during downloading metadata for repository ‘fedora’:

That may be a local network issue near you. Its not happening for me at the moment.

You could try flushing DNS sudo resolvectl flush-caches and try again.
That may work by moving you to a difference IP address becuase resolve to one of a set of hosts. See host to see the list of IPs.

out put after sudo resolvectl flush-caches and dnf update:
Errors during downloading metadata for repository ‘fedora’:

I truly believe that another option is to just wait 5 or 10 minutes, then try again. These issues often resolve themselves. It is just a small, short-lived, probably unidentifiable glitch.

If you are from Iran and experiencing issues, you can try the following steps to resolve them:

  1. Enable IPv6 in your router settings.
  2. In Fedora, go to settings and choose Wi-Fi if you connect through it (other Network types as well). Under “Visible Networks”, find the network you are connected to and click on the gear icon to open the configurations. Under the “IPv4” tab, find “DNS” and turn off the “Automatic” option. Then enter a trusted resolver DNS server, such as, and click “Apply”. If this doesn’t solve your issue, try other DNS servers. Please note that and are not recommended.

You can also find a list of trusted resolvers from this link: resolvers/resolvers-trusted.txt at main · trickest/resolvers · GitHub