Epiphany of Fedora Flatpaks isn't working

Hey, I recently installed the Gnome Web (formally epiphany) from the fedora flatpaks and it isn’t working. I tried the flathub build and it seems nice. What could be the problem? I’m a little bit new to flatpaks so don’t know exactly how to put the logs here, thanks!

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you could try:
flatpak run org.gnome.Epiphany
flatpak run --command=sh org.gnome.Epiphany
and then run epiphany

And see if it provides any useful information

More info here

A pic of my terminal:

It says “(epiphany:2): epiphany-WARNING **: 10:13:36.596: O processo web falhou e teve que ser encerrado” which means The web process failed and had to be terminated.