Epiphany Nightly Install Borked Evolution?

This morning I wanted to try Epiphany Nightly and installed it via

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists gnome-nightly https://nightly.gnome.org/gnome-nightly.flatpakrepo
flatpak install gnome-nightly org.gnome.Epiphany.Devel 
flatpak run --command=gsettings org.gnome.Epiphany.Devel set org.gnome.Epiphany.web:/org/gnome/epiphany/web/ enable-webextensions true

Now, my Evolution install refuses to connect to my work email account, via outlook.office365.com, and both Gmail accounts.

I’m wondering if pulling in a nightly package screwed something up… Thoughts?

The nightly packages are for testing upstream and without assurance of general stability. I suggest you report this bug to Gnome and switch to a stable channel in flatpak if you depend on Evolution.

Yeah, well aware of that, but because my Evolution install is via the repos and not flatpak I didn’t think installing the nightly flatpak would mess up anything for Evolution.

Regardless, I think this is moot because as of this morning all my accounts sync properly and were coincidental to two separate issues; i.e., my work decided to “turn off” smtp for our email accounts because, according to them, Microsoft is deprecating it and doesn’t believe OAuth is “secure for authentication,” preferring “Exchange ActiveSync” (please disregard the fact I’m not sure any of that is true), and it was suggested my Google account issues could have been (somehow) related to their server issues (Checking for a Google Play system update isn't possible on many phones right now).

Thanks for offering your help and support, though, @vwbusguy!

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