'Enterprise Login' is not working as expected with fresh Fedora

I am using FreeIPA on a separate box.
On my workstation I’ve installed new, fresh Fedora30. With first boot, we are getting an option to create a new user or use “enterprise login”. While it ‘works’ - it says “sucess” and gives me desktop and creates home directories with proper UID - My enterprise user is NOT part of sudoers (while it should based on sudo rules in free ipa) and after restart I am getting yet again greeting window asking to create ‘First user’ creditentials.

To work around it I had to:

  • Create a LOCAL user
  • run ipa-client-install manually

If i remove LOCAL user, after restart I will be yet again prompted to create ‘fist user’

Is it an expected behavior?
Is there always a requirement for at least one local user? (un that case, why do we have enterprise login during installation ?)