Enable numlock on startup

Topic title says it all.
I know it is a toggle at the login screen settings but it requires an additional package to be installed first… so my real question is; Why does need one to download an addition package first to be able to enable this functionality?

Isn’t enable numlock at boot such as basic fundamental option that one should be able to enable it out of the box? Shouldn’t the required additional package come preinstalled?

I don’t have to download anything for the NumLock to work and it stays on the same setting across boots (so ‘On’ at each boot for my use case). ThinkPad E585. What package do you have to install in your scenario?

My machines (3 different ones) have a setting in the bios to enable the numlock at boot. I do nothing in the OS to set that.

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There are different ways to do this depending on the bios of your machine or the desktop environment in use.


Linux and unix including SCO Xenix and SCO unix has always ignored the numlock setting in the BIOS or UEFI firmware.

I’m running Fedora 40 Cinnamon spin.

I have numlock enabled on boot in the bios settings which worked fine on Windows and my Debian based distro. Now with Fedora i noticed that it doesn’t enable numlock at boot by default.
So, I went digging in the options and found the toggle in the login screen options.

Good that the toggle is there but just wondering why it requires to install the additional package “numlockx” first to be able to enable this function, why doesn’t that package come preinstalled?

One gets software preinstalled for music playback, video playback, internet, email and much more. But a 3kB package to enable numlock is missing… just strikes me as odd.