Easy system btrfs snapshots on an external USB-hard drive

Is there an easy to use program for full system snapshots (btrfs) on an external usb-harddisk? I use Fedora 34 Workstation with the recommended btrfs disk-layout with encryption. Timeshift is not the solution, because it does not work correctly when the system crashes completely and has SELinux issues when coming back after restore. For btrfs it’s too complicated for me to change the names of Subvolumes (Ubuntu style!) and so on. If there is no program for that purpose how an btrfs unexperienced user can do system-snapshots and in the worst case restore it easy after a system crash.
Thank you.

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If you take the snapshots with snapper there are several programs which can automatically replicate snapper snapshots to a secondary device.

However, while it doesn’t take much knowledge of btrfs, I am not sure I would call setting it all up “easy”.

Thank you. Are there any documents for Fedora to use your recommendation? It’s my first time to work with btrfs. What I have to do when my system becomes not bootable?

Is the following still in the range of „easy“?


What exactly do you mean by that?

Thank you for your answer @augenauf. Have you tried this guide and what are consequences of changing the name of the btrfs / and /home in @root and @home?
I mean with SElinux issues that I have tried in former days timeshift under Fedora spin KDE and after restoring a timeshift snapshot I was unable to login into my system again. I lost all my privileges. I have posted it in this forum some years ago. During writing a timeshift snapshot in those days I get the timeshift message “… not allowed due missing authority of…”. So I have gotten only troubles with timeshift.