Duplicates finder in Fedora

can anyone recommend a tool that scans my home folder for duplicates?

I have tried a few but none of them work.

Can’t believe we don’t have a working tool in our repos…

  • edit: and then there is Czkawka (Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux) on flathub, which doesn’t work either. I used flatseal to grant permission scanning my home dir but still the software hangs in the initial stage at 0,0% for over an hour. Piece of ----.

I found, but have never tried, the following:

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I’ll give Rdfind a try.

that rpm didn’t work (wasn’t able to start the program), despite matching the requested pyton version. (moreover, I need software from an offical repo - I have no time to manually update packages).

EDIT: rdfindworks fine - I’d prefer a GUI software for that purpose, but ok, I can live without.

EDIT2: after restarting my machine, I am able to use Czkawka (Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux) - this tool looks promising too. I has a lot of options and features.

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