Duplicity says "no backup files found"

Hi everyone,

I have a serious problem trying to restore a back up, that I made with duplicity, or rather the GUI deja dup.

I bricked my old fedora installation, so I removed the crippled partition and did a fresh new install. (Fedora 33)

When I now want to restore the backup with deja dup, it says “no backup files found”. I know that there is a backup on the hard drive, because I remember doing it successfully. Also, when I look at the properties of the drive that is seemingly empty, it says “116 GB used”.

So, can anyone point me in the direction of how I can restore my backup?

Thanks in advance.

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you probably defined a custom location for your backups to be stored. Now, you need to tell Deja Dup that location again. Otherwise, it can’t find the backup and won’t restore (it won’t search the drive for the backup).

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Hi, thank you very much.

However, I don’t know what this custom location could be. How do I determine that and how do I tell Deja Dup where they are? I can see three folders when I open the drive, all seemingly empty (but of course the drive is encrypted).

I’m also open to using commands with duplicity, if that makes more sense.

Thanks in advance!