Dual booting Fedora 35 and Ubuntu 21.04 with encryption

Hey all, Linux noob here. I am interested in dual booting Fedora 35 and Ubuntu 21.04. But, I would also like to encrypt both of them(I don’t trust my new college roommates). How do I go about doing this? If a resource already covers this in detail, can you please point me to it?

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Hello @heheboi ,
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Anyway, yes you can dual boot but you will have to get into the weeds a bit (ie stray from the path of a standard install). Check this out first for reading https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fedora/f35/install-guide/advanced/Boot_Options/


First of all, please find if your bios capable of UEFI or Legacy Bios.

If you familiar with installing linux using custom partition on both distro, just install it.

If not, use the linux live-usb then open disks manager app and create partition with size half of your total disk capacity with any type of filesystem partition (ext4, ntfs, fat, ect). Left the other half of disk capacity empty.

I suggest to install Fedora first since I believe Fedora grub setting have struggle to detect indent menu. During the installation chose auto partition and find any check box mentioning encryption.

After successfully install Fedora, then delete the half partition we create earlier with same app and leave it empty.

Continue to install other distro and use auto partition using empty space also don’t forget to find check box to encrypt your partition (or any related menu to encrypt the partition).

For specific instruction for each distro, I suggest you search it on YouTube. There are lot of tutorial for both distro.

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Hey, @jakfrost and @oprizal , I finally got it working. At first I tried to take the easy way out by installing Fedora with default options and then resizing the encrypted partition and installing Ubuntu afterwards. Well, resizing the luks container turned out to be a bit more complicated than I’d expected. So, I decided to learn how to manually partition and successfully got an encrypted Ubuntu and Fedora setup. Thank you for taking the time out to help a noob!