Document scanner cannot detect Xerox printer

After installing the Xerox printer & scanner driver, I am able to print documents on my Fedora 32 desktop. The Xerox printer requires the use of the Document Scanner app for scanning jobs. I have the Document Scanner installed, but it cannot detect my Xerox printer instead it detects my webcam.

I don’t use a Xerox device, but for all my scanning I use Xsane. It works perfectly with my HP printer.

Xsane cannot see my HP printer until I install the HP proprietary plugin that supports scanning with the printer. Maybe Xerox has a similar setup.!

You don’t say which printer model you are using, what you have tried, what Xerox documents as how to scan, or any other details; so it is difficult for us to give you any direct help with your issue.

I have already installed the proprietary driver of Xerox. My printer model is Xerox B215.

With the printer model you provided I went to the Xerox web site and found this in the user guide for that printer.

Installing Linux Drivers
To print from a Linux workstation, install either a Xerox print driver for Linux or a CUPS (Common UNIX
Printing System) print driver. Xerox recommends that you install the Unified Linux Driver for your
The printer driver software required for Linux can be downloaded from
Installing Linux Drivers
1. Make sure that the printer is connected to your computer and powered on.
You must log in as a super user (root) to install the printer software. If you are not a super user, ask
your system administrator.
2. When the Administrator Login window appears, type in root in the Login field and enter the
system password.
3. From the Xerox web site, download the Unified Linux Driver package zip file to your computer.
4. Select the Unified Linux Driver package and extract the package.
5. Copy the Unified Linux Driver (uld Directory) onto the Desktop
6. Open a terminal window, then navigate to the uld directory.
7. To install the printer driver, type: sudo ./, then press Enter.
8. To install the scanner driver, type: sudo ./, then press Enter.
Note: The printer and scanner drivers can be installed together by typing sudo ./
9. To access printing options and properties, navigate to Settings  Devices  Printers. Select the
printer and configure the settings required.

It seems pretty simple and so far I find nothing that says the only way to use the scanner is with the document scanner app.

Maybe try sane or some other scanning software to see if it is the scanner driver or the scanning software that is at issue.

I have the same Xerox B215 and I just connected it via WiFi - Fedra automatically recognized this device and it was possible to choose it from the drop-down:

So I assume removing the proprietery drivers should fix this.

Why would you assume that? If the proprietary driver is already installed then it is likely being used and that screenshot correctly identifies the printer scanner.

Why would you assume that?

Because no proprietary driver is installed and it works well