Docs meeting agenda: 2022-04-13

Here’s the agenda for the meeting 2022-04-13T18:30:00Z. No issues are tagged for the meeting.

  • Announcements
  • Previous action items
    • [done] bcotton to retire the Telegram group
    • pbokoc to write a “how to do release notes” guide that he’ll post in the forum
    • bcotton and darknao to write a post about the /latest/ URL for the Community Blog
  • GitLab migration
  • Open floor

If you have anything else to add to the agenda, please reply to this thread!

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I would like to add:

We urgently need better visibility of docs specifically on getfedora Fedora 36

As I stated in the thread, I found by chance that the proposal is already there for IoT. So is should be doable for Server and for the docs page on the getfedora landing page as well. But for Server Edition I would prefer a link to ask.fedora instead of the mailing list (the entry in the middle of the sub-footer). And for docs we should use the docs landing page, ask.fedora and discourse channel.

Additionally, we should insert that sub-footer onto the direct download pages as well.

For Workstation Edition, there is currently no documentation available, as far as I know. So we can’t implement that link for them at the moment. But hopefully, for release 37.

And additionally, on the Server Download page we have to remove the subfooter with cloud. Server and Cloud have nothing to do wich other anymore. It is missleading that way. Instead we need the subfooter about support resources.

We can add that, but I’m not sure what we need to discuss. It sounds like we just need someone to make the appropriate pull requests?

Maybe, someone has a different opinion, overall or in detail. And we should have a decision of the team, so that the importance is clear. And then we need to clarify who does what.

Who does the Iot modifications? Who is doing the F36 updates? Could they do the 2sub-footer" as well?

Minutes and full logs are available on Meetbot.


  • It’s Release Notes season! Petr wrote how to contribute.
  • The first repo moved to GitLab
  • We’re ready to roll out search to production!
  • Peter is going to open issues on the websites repo for the visibility improvements
  • Hi, Outreachy applicants!

Action items

  • @darknao to deploy search to prod
  • @pboy to open issues against fedora-web/websites for docs visibility and put the links in the thread so Docs contributors can help implement
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This might be less an issue for internal discussions within docs, but an external one.

Related Redesign Docs front page layout- Outreachy Project 2022 (Help required) - #20 by py0xc3

and Redesign Docs front page layout- Outreachy Project 2022 (Help required) - #22 by mattdm

Especially the latter indicates that there is already something new in development. The suggestion about the docs could be forwarded to the responsible team for consideration?

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I suppose, you refer to the web site revamp project. It’s currently busy with the edition pages. It will take some time to get to the docs pages. But the docs pages are certainly not ignored or forgotten.