"dnf autoremove" proposes to remove flatpak

Hello everyone! This is my first post on the Fedora user forum.
I noticed that when I recently checked the dnf autoremove command in Fedora 37 with Xfce, it offered me to remove i.a. flatpak packages. I have Fedora updated from release 35 through release 36. Out of curiosity, I checked with a freshly installed version of Fedora 37 in a virtual machine. After installing all the updates, dnf autoremove also proposes to remove the flatpak package.
Why is this happening? I guess that’s some mistake.

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I have found dnf autoremove not to be reliable in the past, so I would advice anyone to use it very very carefully (see bug list)

In regards to removing flatpak, you should file a bug and as workaround you can run
dnf distro-sync to try fixing the broken dependecies or mark flatpak as unremovable dnf mark install flatpak.


Thanks for the answer. That’s what I thought something was wrong with dnf autoremove.
And thanks for the suggestion to mark the flatpak as unremovable.