Using autoremove

Good morning everybody!
Guys, with the update to Fedora 39 imminent, I used the “autoremove” command and the following packages appeared:

  • fedora-chromium-config-gssapi
  • libdmapsharing
  • openfec
  • pulseaudio-utils
  • python3-gpg
  • roc-toolkit
  • speexdsp
    I only removed the first one, which is what makes Chrome say it is run by the organization. I didn’t remove the others, as I don’t know why they appeared in the autoremove command.
    Can anyone be so kind as to tell me if it is safe to remove them?
    Thank you very much in advance.

Probably not safe. It is hard to say if you would need them or not, so just leave them.

Packages can be prevented from being auto-removed if you mark them as “user installed” To do so for example

sudo dnf mark install pulseaudio-utils

Everything you install directly by name using dnf will be marked as “user installed”. Packages installed as a dependency will not be.

If you install them using package kit or gnome software, they may not be marked as “user installed”. I don’t know for sure.

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You’re right, I’ll leave it as is.
When I saw the list, it didn’t seem like a good idea to remove them either.

Nothing on that list appears to be essential (none of them are in the F39 Silverblue base image). You may want some of them for your own usage, but removing them won’t break your system.

fedora-chromium-config-gssapi is a newly split out subpackage which doesn’t appear to be installed by default.

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I saw a few more topics about this here on the forum. And now I’m undecided. Look what the documentation says about this:

"dnf [options] autoremove

Removes all “leaf” packages from the system that were originally installed as dependencies on user-installed packages, but are no longer needed by any of those packages.
Packages listed in installonlypkgs are never automatically removed by this command."

I’m not one to install many packages… I installed:

  • irqbalance
  • lm-sensors
  • fancontrol
  • Google Chrome

And I removed “thermald” since my processor is AMD.

It’s probably been answered for you already, but I’m only sharing previous experiences:

Using autoremove can sometimes remove essential packages. Probably a bug that’s been resolved, but previously there has been people (myself included) that encountered this issue:

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Thanks to everyone who responded…
As I am a simple user, and I have no knowledge of what each package does as a whole, I thought it best to play it safe and do nothing. Even because it would only gain a few MiB.
With each passing day I see that one of fedora’s strengths is its community.