How are flatpaks handled when performing a "dnf system-upgrade"


When doing dnf system-upgrade to move from one version of fedora to another are flatpaks upgraded as well as packages supported from fedora?

They will continue to work. The idea is that flatpaks are independent of your distro or your Fedora release.

However, for updating the actual flatpak apps installed on your system you need to run

 flatpak update

before or after your system-upgrade.


Once in a while it’s also good to remove older runtimes and no longer used dependencies with:

flatpak uninstall --unused

Flatpaks are not currently tracked by DNF except for the flatpak app itself I would think. It is a good habit with Flatpaks in general to occasionally do some maintenance on the installation with sudo flatpak repair.

Flatpak is managed differently than dnf and must be updated separately.

You can do flatpak updates with sudo flatpak udate.

To find out how to manage flatpaks the simple command flatpak --help gives you a list of options, commands, etc for your perusal.

You can also use Gnome Software as it will update the system and flatpaks if you choose not to use the terminal.


Great tip! Thank you.

Thanks to all who responded! Whole new sub-system to learn.

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